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LGBTQI + Film Festival

For XNUMX years, the Milan Mix Festival of Gay, Lesbian and Queer Culture cinema it's the Movie festival of the LGBT and Queer community. Each year it brings to the scene the best of the LGBTQ+ indie cinematography, thanks to a multicultural and multigenerational team of developers.

It was established in 1986 as a Cinema review called "Uno sguardo diverso" by CIG-ArciGary, Altro Martedì, Babilonia and A.S.A. Since its very first edition it has always been a cross-cultural event which, while enhancing the indie cinematography, collected claims and statements of the LGBTQI community, anticipating trends and promoting the socio-political liberation as well.

Since 1986, while remaining attached to its political engagement and to the local territory, the Festival transformed throughout the time along with the symbolic change of the LGBTQI of the last 30 years.

Witnessing the planning evolution and the international fame it gained, in 1993 it modified its name into "Milan Gay and Lesbian Movie Festival". In 2005, in conjunction with the first edition held at Teatro Strehler in Milan, it joined the Festival Mix family, along with the New York, San Paulo, Copenhagen and Mexico City LGBTQI Festivals, a network devoted to the search for a cinematographic language through the space dedicated to the emergent realities. The various Festival represent a unique chance of networking and socialization among people. By joining the network, Festival Mix acquired its ultimate name and since 2012, loosened its partnership with CIG by totally absorbing its organization, production and promotion within the 'Milan Cultural Association Mix.

Throughout the years, Festival Mix changed its location multiple times, passing from Paris Cinema to the Pasquirolo Cinema, from Teatro Manzoni to the prestigious Teatro Strehler.

Thanks to the dynamic and eclectic Giampaolo Marzi who for XNUMX years has been the creative director, Festival Mix forestalled prestigious successes, by proposing to the Italian audience gems like “Grief”, the first feature film by Richard Glatzer, short film “Un robe d’été” by François Ozon, “Super XNUMX XNUMX⁄XNUMX”, the black and white porn-punk by Bruce La Bruce, Sebastien Lifhsitz, Joao Rodriguez e Patricia Rozema films, the teenage perversion of “Tarnation” By Johnathan Caouette and “J’ai tué ma mère” e “Les amours immaginaires”, the first movies by the Canadian Xavier Dolan.

Today Festival Mix is a well-rooted reality into Milan’s cross-cultural scenario. It represents one of the LGBTQI+ Film Festival with high level of turnout (up to 12.000 viewers), and has a nation and international wide appeal, globally known and admired.

The 33th edition of the Milan Festival Mix will be held between the 20th and the 23rd June 2019 at Piccolo Teatro Strehler and at Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato (Largo Greppi XNUMX, MMXNUMX Lanza, green line).

Festival Mix is member of AFIC (Italian Association of Cinema Festivals), and founding member of MFN (Milan Film Network), the “network which puts together the experiences and the resources of Milan Seven Film Festivals to offer a year-long cultural proposal and a series of services to those who work in the cinema and audiovisual sectors both in Milan and in Italy”.

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