Studio Melato Theater

23 / 06 / 2019 - 15 hours: 00

Short Films

With the participation of the director Alessandro Sampaoli


Alessandro Sampaoli / Italy 2018 / 8 '

Andrea lives with his mother and his grandmother, whom he loves very much. But he does not tell her much about his life, because he is afraid that the generation gap will not allow her to understand certain things.

Mr Sea

Luca Tóth / Hungary, France 2019 / 19 '

A sophisticated animated short film tells of a disproportionate one-way love.

Blue Boy

Manuel Abramovich / Germany 2019 / 19 '

Short silver bear winner at the 69 ° Berlinale
Young men from all over the world have been meeting at the Blue Boy Bar in Berlin for more than forty years. One after another, men sit at the bar; They speak, without filters, of their life as sex workers.

Four Quartets

Marco Alessi / UK 2019 / 11 '

The young Raf has a night at a gay club, but he struggles to let go and enjoy the music.


Lisa Steen / USA 2019 / 7 '

Wyatt invites Patricia, his old schoolmate, to dinner. The two are no longer on good terms, but she is willing to forget everything, to ask him for a very personal favor. But he invited her to talk about Patricia's father, Brad, who will join them later.


Jamie Dispirito / UK 2019 / 16 '

Joe is just looking for fun in an English city, using a dating app. A deep insecurity leads him to keep a certain distance. Unexpectedly, a stranger helps him overcome his anguish.