Studio Melato Theater

22 / 06 / 2019 - 22 hours: 30

Short films / 69 ′

Focus Canada

organized in collaboration with theEmbassy of Canada in Italy Delegation of Quebec in Rome, Days of the cinema of Quebec in Italy e Air Canada.

Terminally in Love

Emily Jenkins / Canada 2018 / 17 '

A journey in first person in the distortion caused by illusions, fantasies, misunderstandings and the end of a relationship.

Train Hopper

Amélie Hardy / Canada 2018 / 18 '

A man (who prefers to remain anonymous) crosses North America on board freight trains, tired of the routine and pressures of an "anxious society"


Anthony Coveney / Canada 2018 / 18 '

Two friends who grew up in the suburbs of Prague spend the day carrying out small thefts at the expense of the tourists who crowd the city.

Fuck You Erick

Geneviève Dulude-De Celles / Canada 2018 / 6 '

Two friends shave their legs so they look like beautiful diamonds.

Mon Père Travaille De Nuit

Zachary Ayotte / Canada 2019 / 14 '

Felix, a 14-year-old student, spends the weekend at his father's house. He begins a relationship with an older boy who attends his own pool, but is discovered by his father. But Felix is ​​less defenseless than he appears.


Trevor Anderson / Canada 2019 / 4 '

Trevor reflects on his appointment anxiety